The World’s Premium Floor Coating

Why Performance Epoxy-Coat is your best choice for the most durable long lasting coating for your garage, basement, patios and more!


Why Thicker is Better

  • Fills rough concrete, self leveling, no brush or roller marks
  • 1 Coat is almost 5 X thicker than competitors
  • Our thicker coating provides higher gloss than thin coat competitors, with easier long term clean-up and maintenance
  • Highest value for you


  • Hot tires won’t peel
  • Lasts for up to 20 years or more
  • 10x the durability of cheap waterbased products
  • Resists salt, oil, and almost all chemicals
  • 3x stronger than concrete and is perfect for concrete patching

Industrial Grade Non-Slip

  • We are the only kit with aluminum oxide non-skid granuales included

Drive on it in just 24 hours*

  • Others make you wait twice as long

* Depending on environmental conditions

Lifetime Warranty*

  • The first ever for residential floors, great value, backed by our strong company reputation

* Click here for details

 Environmentally Friendly

  • Performance Epoxy-Coat is approved by the USDA as safe for commercial, institutional and residential applications
  • Ultra low VOC, no odors for safe use inside your home or business
  • Antimicrobial finish that is mold and mildew resistant
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Kit includes everything you need to do your floor in an afternoon*

  • The standard kit includes 1 gallon container of epoxy-coat A, 1/2 gallon container of epoxy-coat B, epoxy prep solution, epoxy flake, aluminum oxide, plastic squeegee, roller cover, safety gloves, mechanical mixer, DVD and instruction booklet

* In addition, you may need a roller pole, an assembly for the 9” roller, optional hand pump sprayer for prep solution, and a power drill for the mixing process.

One kit of Performance Epoxy-Coat covers Up to 500 Square Feet (2.5 Car Garage)

  • Full kit for 500 sq. ft. is available, see your Lowe’s associate for details
  • Commercial and contractor large sizes are also available

Installation Is Easy


Continuous Improvement Chemistry

The Performance Epoxy-Coat product chemistry is continuously tested and improved.We make our own materials to the highest quality standards, and make adjustments to formulas to meet real world customer needs.

We get product and installation feedback from our own crews around the country. Our chemists and engineers analyze the results and make improvements to ensure the best quality in the business.

Our competitors buy a basic bulk formula and don’t improve it to meet real world conditions…we do!


Experience and Reputation Matter

The Performance family of companies has almost 40 years of experience in formulating and producing our own materials.

We cover every aspect of advanced floor coatings and installation. From large scale industrial and commercial installations to huge sports arenas, to your home garage and patio floors, we know how to do it right.

Call us anytime for information, advice, product selection and installation help.